Jackie Hurd
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Located in Southern Pines, NC, Jackie is an Illustrator and graphic designer. Subscribe to this blog to learn more about Jackie, her experiences in creativity and helpful tips for fellow creatives.

Here comes Halloween

Once again another holiday has totally snuck up on me! With four kids I should probably be all over it with a Halloween Advent calendar, baking spooky cookies and sewing up Halloween costumes. My kids haven’t had a single pumpkin spiced anything yet and neither have I, although I did put some cinnamon in my coffee the other morning. That’s a start right? BUT now that I’ve realized I’ve only got 15 days until Halloween, the hourglass has flipped and I’ve got to make the most of it before we move on to the turkeys!

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My Trade Show Experience and What's Next

It's been a few months since I attended the May 2018 Blueprint Surface Design and Print Trade Show in New York City. The purpose of the tradeshow was to hopefully sell or license my artwork to companies who would then manufacture and sell my art on their own products. I thought this was the path for me and so I dedicated an entire year to prepare, invested thousands of dollars, my time and my talent. What came of this experience was not what I expected, the result put me on a completely different path. 

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A few "Odd" things about me

My family has always told me I was odd-- the “odd ball” they called me. I’ve spent some time examining this and it makes me laugh because on the spectrum of normal to strange, I think I fall a lot closer to normal. I’m quiet, reserved, cautious and very particular about certain things. For those who are curious, read on and I’ll share a few!

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Flow, the Wild Horse

When I talk to people about my job as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, I always get asked “where do you get your ideas from”. That’s a complicated question with a lot of answers that can go in several directions so I never know exactly how to answer it. This blog post explains how I feel about creativity and the steps I took to get it to flow.

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