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I quit my day job

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In my last blog post I wrote about more to follow on some changes, so here is my more to follow… 

I started my career in the arts about a decade ago when the U.S. Airforce told me I was to serve as a graphic designer and later a photographer. Somewhere along the way I took myself off of that career path for a higher paying one with the U.S. Army. So for the past 4 years I've been working away at a job where I was unhappy. Something important to note is that at my Army job, I spent most of my days reviewing soldier suicide investigations for release to their next of kin. Doing this everyday was a real strain on a creative soul like myself. As a creative, I visualize everything... words come to life. I kept thinking that with each pay raise perhaps happiness would follow.

Almost 2 years ago my second child was born and while I was on maternity leave I picked my camera back up and realized what was missing. In time, I took on a few long term freelance opportunities, started scheduling photography sessions and fine tuning the skills that I had been neglecting. My time spent creating brought me the happiness and job satisfaction that I deeply desired. During the day I had my Army job, at night I had design and photography commitments to fulfil. I thought it would slow down or fizzle but it didn't, it picked up. It got to the point where everyday that I went to "work" I was watching the clock, waiting to go home only to go right back to work. Work was all I did.

After much thinking and discussing with my husband, we realized what had to be done… it was time. So here I am today, Monday December 16th, my first official week of full time self employment! This is both exciting and scary. Instead of sifting through hundreds of pages of documents, I am sitting at my desk, at home, taking a break from creating to accomplish something that I have rarely had the time for before now… updating my blog... connecting with those who desire to know more about me and what I have to offer. I am finally back on the right track and feeling very satisfied. 

If you have some words of wisdom to offer or a similar experience to share, please feel free to leave a comment below.