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The importance of family portraits

As a mother and a photographer,  it's so hard to actually get on the other side of the camera. This year's holiday card portrait was a bit of a challenge for us thanks to busy schedules. We had planned on getting our friend, former Golden Knight free fall photographer, Rachel Medley, to do our family holiday card photo but timing didn't quite work out.  So with my handy tripod, I was able to capture our holiday card portrait… unfortunately our dog Logan was distracted by the other dogs frolicking in the adjacent field and wasn't looking at the camera.  Regardless, my very own family portrait session was a success and prints have been ordered. 

The holidays are a great time to do family portraits and I was swamped doing them this year! It was a pleasure to work with such great families and I look forward to next year's holiday rush. As busy as life is, it's so important to pause and document your family as it grows and changes. Time is gone before you knew you had it and there really is so much value to having those photos to have, hold and cherish. It's nice to have that permanent reminder of your family as they were at certain milestones and furthermore, to have everyone on the documenting side of the camera! As a mother, I am rarely in photos which is why this one that I am sharing here in my blog is so special to me. It is the only photo I have of me with my family together. Wether you are a do it yourself kind of person or prefer to leave it to the professionals, I urge all families to get these sessions in at least every 2 - 3 years in order to capture and preserve your family's story for years to come.



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