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Free Font!

A work in progress shot. Quick and chunky did the trick.

A work in progress shot. Quick and chunky did the trick.

A few years ago I bought a license to Fontself Maker and had grand plans to start making my own fonts. I installed it, opened it and never used it. At least once a week since then I would get the fontself newsletter, feel guilty about having had spent money on something I wasn’t using and think I really needed to set some time aside to make a font. Sometimes I’d get as far as drawing out (a few) letterforms but then I’d abandon task, mostly because I was seriously overthinking it. Even now as I’m typing this I’m thinking “is letterform the right word to describe a letter”. Anyway, today was the day. My son made a huge mess on my desk with chalk pastels and as I was cleaning them up I felt compelled to see what the alphabet would look like if I wrote it with the squared off shape of the pastel. It looked pretty good and it took me less than a minute! I took a picture of my work, drew over it on my iPad (using procreate) and then after converting everything to vector art, I used the adobe illustrator version of fontself to create my font. Fontself Maker was surprisingly easy to use- after I read the directions- something I had previously failed to do. So here’s my font, I named it "Cappy the first” because it’s all caps and it’s my first successful try in Fontself Maker. Go ahead and give it a try (personal use only please). It’s not perfect and I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I did it! I plan to practice in the coming weeks so hopefully I’ll have another fun font to share soon!

If you’d like to make your own font, here’s a link to get 10% off Fontself Maker. The plug-in is available for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or both.