Jackie Hurd
Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Located in Southern Pines, NC, Jackie is an Illustrator and graphic designer. Subscribe to this blog to learn more about Jackie, her experiences in creativity and helpful tips for fellow creatives.

Designing for the Future

If you like me are in the position where you've got to add psychic to your artist title and figure out how to be trendy and fast for the sake of selling some of your designs to the wide world of art buyers, here's what I now know.  

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New Class & Halloween, I Know i'm Early!

I realize I'm a little early, but I've got Halloween on my mind. Probably from Spoonflower's Vintage Halloween contest... I started doodling for Halloween and then I was inspired to create a Skillshare class about designing Halloween treat bags, so here we are. It's September 12th, my house is decorated for Halloween, my desk is covered with Halloween artwork and my new class is all about designing treat bags for Halloween. Perhaps I am looking forward to Halloween. 

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Artist Advice

I woke up yesterday to more Instagram notifications and followers than usual. I checked my twitter account which I am barely active on and noticed I had new followers on there as well. Then my Facebook page, messages from other artists thanking me for sharing my advice. What was going on?

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