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Garden Bird

Garden Bird ©Jacqueline Hurd 2016

Garden Bird ©Jacqueline Hurd 2016

Lately I've been obsessing over gouache paint. I love that it's similar to watercolor in the way it can be rewet to be used again after it dries and that it's semi to completely opaque depending on the color and water to paint ratio used.

So here I am writing about gouache paint and how much I love it so it would seem that this painting I'm presenting in this blog post is gouache but it's not. I have to be honest, it's a digital painting. However, I did download a set of gouache paint brushes that can be purchased on creativemarket.com. These $7.00 brushes were created by an artist named Kyle Webster and were recommended to me by one of my digital illustration instructors. At first I was skeptical because I've purchased plenty of digital brushes in the past only to be disappointed by the low quality or digital look of them, these brushes however have none of that. They actually behave a lot like real gouache, the quality is AMAZING and once I got the hang of them I really enjoyed creating this painting with them. While my digital painting skills are not exactly where they need to be (yet), I think it is a good reflection of how well the brushes work. 

This painting is available for sale on Society 6 an art print, pillow, tote bag and more. 

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