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Pictures in the snow

I actually took this photo of my son and daughters playing in the snow with my i-phone... and yes, this is our back-yard here in Kentucky!!!

It's beautiful here in Kentucky right now... to me at least. I grew up in Connecticut and as a child became accustomed to ice cold winters with lots of snow, but I've spent most of my adult life living in North Carolina where winters are pretty lame. As most know from my post last month I recently moved to Kentucky. Finally, cold winters and snow are back in my life! Naturally I want take lots of pictures of the kids as they roll around in the snow. Ive been using my i-phone which does great in capturing the moment. But to be honest I'm feeling a little guilty because I have my D800 and the ability to create some stunning photographs, but I haven't taken it out of it's bag since I got here almost a month ago. Looking outside, the sun is out and it's ultra bright. This gets me thinking about exposure... and as someone who never shoots on auto, how tricky it can be with the sun reflecting off the snow. For some it is easier to throw the camera on auto but that means less control. Once you get the hang of it, understanding exposure is pretty simple. It's all about understanding 1) the lighting conditions and 2) your ISO, F-stop and shutter speed and what those three functions mean and do. For those who want to dig into it and do more with your photography, here's a great (FREE) guide to mastering exposure from one of my affiliates. No more super bright or way too dark, this should help you shoot for just right :) I think I'll go dig out my camera now... it's time to go play in the snow! 

(FREE) guide to mastering exposure




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