Graphic Designer & Illustrator


Graphic Artist in Southern Pines, NC

Creative services for the artisan entrepreneur.

I love working with new brands and watching them grow as we move through the creative process that occurs during brand building. 


Items I can help you with include but are not limited to logos, business cards, stationary, print marketing materials, websites, e-mail, social media icons and other related web graphics or illustrations. If you are just getting started, or looking to take your businesses' look in a new direction, I can set you up with everything you need to make a solid first impression. 

Cost and Payment

  • Pricing for a design project varies according to what's needed, how it will be used and how long it takes. Quotes while often accurate are only an estimate. In the case that the design process exceeds the amount of time quoted you will be notified immediately before I proceed any further. 
  • Before we get started, half of the quoted payment is due upfront. Online payments through PayPal are preferred. I charge an additional 2.9% to cover processing costs. Files will be delivered once your final payment is made. 
  • Most clients will know before the project starts what the overall cost will be. However, for clients working off of a retainer a timing system is used to calculate hours spent. When we begin our project, I will give you a log in so you can view time spent on your project. Time is calculated in 30 minute increments after the first hour. 


Most of my projects can be completed within two weeks (depending on my current work load). 

Projects requiring an instant turn-around (1-2 days) will acquire a rush charge (a doubled rate). 

My Process:

I wish I could say I do all of this with a magic wand, but I don't. There's actually a lot that goes into the design process. My work flow basically goes like this: I read over the design brief a number of times. I ask a few or a lot of questions. I research and then ask more questions if extra clarification is needed. I brainstorm, sketch, refine my sketches (sometimes digitally, sometimes in my sketchbook), I present my ideas to you, we decide on a direction, I present a polished version of the chosen direction and then I refine it based on your feedback. R

Client Expectations:

The design process starts with you. When you hire me you are hiring me to bring your vision to life; to put a face on something you've dreamed up, created from scratch and probably care a whole lot about. With that said, we need to communicate frequently throughout the duration of the project. I will need you to be timely, upfront and honest with your feedback. It also helps if you are open to technology so we can collaborate via screen share when needed. 

Tools that we can and should use together: